A Year of Journaling

‘As I drift in and out of sleep, I make a somewhat unexpected decision: I shall start to write again in my fortieth year. I shall document a moment, a ritual, or just a thought from my day, every day for the next 366 days. Nothing groundbreaking or spectacular. Just a simple year of journaling to mark my fortieth year around the sun—preserving my story the best way I know how.’ Read more

The Art of Journaling

A collection of mini-essays written to encourage you in the intimate practice of journaling. Because the journey always matters. And it is never too early or too late to begin. Read more

From the Design Files

Every fortnight, I’m sharing visuals of my design work, along with my design process. For potential clients or fellow designers looking for inspiration or guidance. Read more

My First Book

Life Without Cameron is a memoir of love and loss. The manuscript received a Commendation in the 2009 Young Australian Christian Writer of the Year Awards. Read more

An Imaginary Dialogue with My Son

A concoction of fiction and reflection. The idea comes to me on the last day of our winter break, while my youngest son and I cradle shells in our hands. I imagine a fantasy world: A world inspired by the very objects in my hands. A make-believe space where Cameron and I could meet and converse like long-lost friends. An imaginary place for the two of us to explore together. Read more

Journaling Prompts

Download the prompts, print them out, and pin them to your inspiration board or keep them in your journal. Use them to help you write your heart out. Read more

Available Artworks

My first series, titled To Love, is now available for purchase at The Handmade Pop-Up. If you wish to stay informed about my artworks, please subscribe to the newsletter below. Read more

On Art & Heart

An unorthodox interview series featuring artists and artisans, On Art & Heart is an ongoing succession of conversations about hope, joy, heartache, and art. Read more

About Me

Born in Hong Kong, I am an Australian writer, designer, and visual artist. I live in Sydney with my husband Rick and five of our six boys. Our first son, Cameron, died in utero at full term in September 2007—we love him and miss him every day. Having ended my journey with Life:Captured after six wonderful years, I am excited to be painting, designing, and writing once more. Read more