About Rhonda.H.Y.Mason
About Rhonda.H.Y.Mason
About Rhonda.H.Y.Mason

Hello there

In the past, I have always written my bio in the third person, but it seems a little strange to do that here. So hello! And welcome. I’m so glad you popped by.

About my name

My full name is Rhonda Ho Yee Mason but, once upon a time, it used to be Chan Ho Yee—a direct phonetic translation of my Chinese name, 陳灝怡. Some years after we made Australia our home back in the eighties, my parents added Rhonda to my name because, believe it or not, my father really likes Honda cars. (Existential crisis aside, it is what it is.) When Rick and I married in 2004, I adopted his surname but kept Ho Yee as my middle name: 灝 means “vast” and 怡 means '“harmony.” In creating a logo for this new site, I knew immediately that it would be a one-line drawing of 怡. The connection to my paintings is obvious but, more importantly, it is both a private and public affirmation of my Chinese roots.

About my family

I live in Sydney with my husband Rick and five of our six boys: Angus, Peter, James, Edward, and Lewis. Our first son, Cameron, died in utero at 41 weeks in September 2007. We love him and miss him every day. Our journey of grief is documented in my book.

About my blog

I started blogging and writing more than a decade ago at Pink Ronnie, then at Life Without Cameron, and more recently at The Shoemaker’s Daughter (a personal memoir that I named after my mother who was in fact the daughter of a shoemaker). Due to personal circumstances, I took a somewhat extended break from blogging in the last couple of years. But life is always changing and, to my personal delight, I have rediscovered my words and my visual voice. I’m excited to share my journaling and our everyday life like I used to do.

About my book

My book, Life Without Cameron, is named after the online journal I started after he died. My hope is that the book can help us all to better care for those around us who have lost children. You can read more about it here.

About my work

I design, I paint, and I can also take photos for your family or for your next event.

Photos above taken by Rick on Cameron’s eleventh birthday at North Head. Can you spot all five boys?