A fresh start

A fresh start (A blog post by Rhonda.H.Y.Mason)
A fresh start (A blog post by Rhonda.H.Y.Mason)
This photo of me may be blurry, but it was taken by my James and, for that reason, I love it and feel great joy in sharing it.

This photo of me may be blurry, but it was taken by my James and, for that reason, I love it and feel great joy in sharing it.

Ten months ago, our family made a fresh new start: we moved to a new area of Sydney, we moved houses, we moved churches, we moved schools, and my husband moved jobs.

In every possible way, we started all over again.

As much as I dislike change—and as hard and stressful as moving can be with five young children—this year has been a wonderful one for the seven of us.

We have made a lovely new home. We have made beautiful new friends. And we have been thoroughly welcomed by our new church family.

I have watched my husband thrive in his new job. I have watched our five boys flourish despite all the changes they have had to face. And I myself have discovered a new creative love.

I have nothing but gratitude for how good God has been to us.

In a way, this new blog is a celebration of and a tribute to the fresh start that we have made. The imagery you see here has not been “created” for the blog. Instead, these are real-life photos that we’ve taken as a family over the past year as we’ve sought to document this new chapter of our life. (I say “we” because I’ve been asking Rick and the older boys to take more photos of me—I need to start appearing in our photo albums, after all!)

I guess you could say I’m going back to basics with this blog: sharing little snippets and candid photos of everyday life like I did once upon a time at my very first blog, Pink Ronnie. I think this has been a great cost of the rise of Instagram: so many of those lovely, simple blogs that I used to adore reading have all but disappeared. (There have been a few notable exceptions in my book, and one of them is my friend Jodi who inspires me endlessly with the way she has continued her beautiful blog, Practising Simplicity. I started reading it six or so years ago, and I still love reading it.)

To mark the fresh start, it felt right to move away from the name The Shoemaker's Daughter and to simply use my actual name for the new site. This itself has been a significant rite of passage, as I come to accept my name as it is (and myself as I am), rather than attempting to hide behind a brand or a made-up alias.

And so, with a happy heart and the best of intentions, I hope this is the first of many blog posts that you will enjoy reading here over a cup of tea and a biscuit (or two).

Thank you, as always, for being a part of my creative journey. I know some of you have been reading along since the days of Pink Ronnie and, for that, I will be forever grateful.

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