Around here

Around here, it is getting hotter every day. Spring is disappearing quickly. The days are getting longer, the humidity is rising, and I find myself reaching for my breezy tank tops almost every morning.

Around here, I am savouring my Friday mornings with Lewis. I always opt to stay at home, so that we can just be. We sing songs, we play with wooden blocks or Duplo (or even Lego), we pretend to have tea, and we read The Big Picture Story Bible together. More recently, he’s been setting up his own drum kit using our saucepans and mixing bowls and—using chopsticks as drum sticks—he’s been doing some serious drumming. He usually insists that I sing while he plays, so we’ve had some fun jamming sessions together. My little guy rocks.

Around here, there are only seven more weeks of school left for the four big boys. Time has truly flown. I am so proud of them, and so impressed by them. Despite the shock of having to move schools and homes and churches, they have shown amazing strength and resilience these last ten months. I thank God that they have each other, and it makes my heart sing that they are such great mates.

Around here, we have a small and cozy backyard with sufficient space for the boys to kick around a soccer ball. Even though it is much smaller than our previous outdoor area, I love that there is almost no garden maintenance involved! (Also, how pretty is that timber fence?)

Around here, the houses on our street face onto a lovely patch of bush filled with tall silvery gum trees. Along with our neighbours’ kids, the boys love going into the bush to explore. Sometimes they take their shovels with them and try to dig up stuff (read: weeds) together. I’m thankful for these friendships that they are building with the other kids in our neighbourhood. And how awesome is it to be a kid?

Around here, Rick has a week of leave coming up. I have already emailed him a long list of stuff that I want us to do around the house. Not exactly the most romantic of love letters, but at least we are communicating in a clear and timely manner. (Concisely too, thanks to my exceptional use of bullet points.)

Around here, I am exhausted, but I am happy. It has been a good year. I know that not every year will be like this year, but that only makes me all the more thankful. I cannot control what tomorrow may bring. But I can surely give thanks for today, today.

Rhonda MasonComment