The Art of Journaling / Draw Near to Your Heart

Do you ever hold your own emotions at arm's length?

I know I do.

I think we all do.

We do it in order to get through the day, through the week.

We worry that our emotions will overwhelm us, consume us, prohibit us from being productive in our daily toil.

But, friends, here is something I have learnt from a decade of journaling: if we are to write our hearts out, we need to let ourselves in.

In order to document the things that make our hearts ache and the things that make our hearts sing, we must draw near to our hearts.

Let our guard down.

Be vulnerable. 


We need to be still, to remember, to process, to feel.

We need to set our thoughts and emotions free—let them tumble out onto the page, become words, become tangible, so that in five or ten years’ time, we can read back and remember and give thanks for all that has molded us into who we are.

Yes, it is scary, and no, it isn’t often easy.

But, it is worth it.

After all, our journey matters. 

Perhaps much more than we can possibly appreciate in the present. 

So, today, I urge you—give yourself the time and space you need to draw near to your heart.

Let yourself in.

Let yourself in, so that you can write your heart out.


Clockwise from top left / The Chinese character for ‘heart’; a quote from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry; my son’s profile; the August journaling prompts (available here). You can read the other posts in this series here.