The Art of Journaling / See the Magic

If I'm to be totally honest, ninety percent of the time, I am thinking about ‘the next thing’.

The next surface that needs wiping. The next piece of paperwork to file. The next bill to pay. The next bed to make. The next piece of paraphernalia that needs putting away. The next cup that needs rinsing. The next email to reply. The next Instagram post to share. The next project that I need to start. The next bit of homework that I need to mark. 

And perhaps this is okay—ninety percent of the time.

After all, so much of our week is played out in the mundane, chore-driven humdrum of life, that perhaps we do always need to think one step ahead in order to survive and make it through to the end of the week.

But the thing is, in the midst of the familiar and the mundane, there is beauty and there is magic.

Magic in those little moments that are unexpected and precious.

Like when the boys share an inside joke during homework time that makes no sense to me, but which sends them into fits of laughter.

Or when my husband reaches out in the kitchen and pulls me in for a kiss.

Or when our littlest climbs down the stairs in the dark and asks me to ‘sing song’.

Or when I spy my father sitting and reading with the boys on the couch in the playroom.

Or when our eldest whispers to me at bedtime that, ‘You're the best mum in the world, and dad's the best dad in the world.’

Yes, moments like that are magic. Pure magic.

Often, they pass by in the blink of an eye. And if we are too caught up in ‘the next thing’, it's easy to miss the magic.

Which means that when magic happens, we need to slow down. Soak it in. Savour it. Store it up in our minds. Save it for later, when we have time to sit down and write our hearts out. 

Yes, in order to preserve the magic of those fleeting moments, we need to first see it and feel it. 

So, friends, let us learn to slow down and see and savour the magic, so that we can preserve it for years to come.


Clockwise from top left / The Chinese character for ‘beauty’; a quote from War All the Time by Charles Bukowski; succulents from my mother’s garden; the September journaling prompts (available here). You can read the other posts in this series here.