Glimpses of Christmas

I have never been one to get overly excited about Christmas decorations, but this year I made an effort to do a few things around our home since this was our first Christmas in this house.

In the living room, I arranged an artificial garland from IKEA into a simple, makeshift wreath around some ivory candles (also from IKEA) on our concrete coffee table. My original plan was to repurpose the candles and the garland as table decorations for my Christmas Day lunch but, in the end, I kept the wreath-and-candles arrangement on the coffee table because I liked it so much.

For the play room, I ordered a beautiful wooden nativity set from Slovenia. While the entire set includes the three wise men, the shepherds, some sheep, and the angel, I decided that it would suffice this year to have the essential characters: Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, along with the animals from the stable. Not even a few days had passed before the boys started to rearrange my nativity scene, often with hilarious results: “What…!? What’s the horse doing in the manger? Where did baby Jesus go…? Oh, there he is on the shooting star.” (As it turns out, Rick was responsible for that particular rearrangement.)

Also in the playroom was our new Christmas tree, which I found at Adairs. It is only a small one, but I love it because all you have to do is fold out the branches! (I still remember choosing the tree with Lewis and being able to just hang it off the back of the pram.) I found a basket at Flower Power to go with the tree and, to give the tree a bit of extra height, I put a box under it inside the basket.

The wrapping paper I used this year was from the 2017 Stendig Calendar that we had back at Oxford Falls. (Mind you, the calendar was stuck on April for most of the year—something the boys were constantly reminding me about!) I absolutely adore the large monochrome typography and will miss having similar paper to wrap my gifts this coming year. I suspect I may end up designing and printing my own...

Rhonda MasonComment