Lewis' second birthday

It is Lewis’ second birthday.

Rick and I wake up exhausted, due to our late night. Noise drifts down from the other end of the corridor. The boys are awake.

As discreetly as possible, I gather the four big boys and give them each two rolls of streamers. On the count of three, we all rush into the younger boys’ room, throw streamers into Lewis’ cot, and shout “Happy birthday, Lewis!”

Lewis is somewhat confused by all the attention. As Rick lifts him out of the cot and puts him down on the rug to change his nappy, the other boys continue to throw streamers at each other. Shrieks of laughter ensue. Lewis watches on with quiet amusement as he drinks his milk.

Downstairs, the table is already set for Lewis’ birthday breakfast. The big boys are very approving of my “dinosaurs in a jungle” theme, and they are particularly impressed by the dinosaur party hats that daddy made. I’m relieved that it actually all came together.

Rick is stressed about time, as we have a long trip ahead of us later. He goes to put the waffles in the toaster. I request that we put them in the oven instead, like we did for Edward’s birthday. I can see his forehead furrow with frustration, but he obliges anyway.

At five minutes past nine, we serve up Belgium waffles with blueberries and ice-cream. Three of the boys put on their party hats. We pour cold milk into the boys’ party cups, and we make ourselves two cups of hot tea. Just like last time, the boys are enamoured with the waffles. I point out that we probably won’t have them again for a very long time. “Why!?” the boys exclaim. “Because of all the sugar!” Rick and I reply in unison.

Less than an hour later, we are finished with breakfast. We bring Lewis into the living room, and we all crowd around him as he opens his first present. We all know that it’s a ukulele. “Guitar!” he squeals with delight. “That’s right, Lewis,” says Angus in his kind, big-brotherly voice. “It’s your very own guitar.” Without skipping a beat, Lewis starts to strum away.

I bring out his second present: a soccer ball. I’ve wrapped it up in the same dinosaur-themed paper, put it in our basket bag, and filled the bag with green and orange streamers.

“It’s a dinosaur egg, Lewis!” says Pete with much enthusiasm. Lewis barely glances up from his guitar. Somehow, we manage to convince him to come over and take a look. He does, but he has no interest in unwrapping it, as he just wants to play his guitar. The older boys unwrap it on his behalf. Angus holds the soccer ball up to him. Lewis puts his right hand on it and briefly examines it—all the while holding onto his guitar with his left hand. It is seriously adorable.

Pete opens Lewis’ card for him, since the little guy’s hands are full. It is a musical card, with a catchy hip-hop tune: “Who let the dawg out…umph….umph…” James and Edward start dancing to the music, while Lewis continues to strum his guitar.

Later, when everything is cleaned up and all the wrapping paper is dealt with, Rick and I start to pack the things we need for our trip to the Glow Worm Tunnel in Newnes…

Rhonda MasonComment