Making space

As many of you know, I took a big step back from most of my social media and online activity these last ten months.

I wanted the space to help my family settle into our new life, and I needed the space to adjust to all the changes myself.

Not only this, I was feeling increasingly disconnected from my online “content,” and I was growing tired of the constant pressure to create more—pressure which I admittedly put on myself for some inexplicable reason. 

Instead, I just wanted to be: to breathe, to learn, to serve, to help, to read, to make, to give, to eat, to drink, to live, to rejoice, to celebrate, to feel, to weep, to experience, to explore, to love. And all of it without the (self-imposed) expectation of having to share it in any way.

It was liberating, to say the least.

But more than that, it was enriching because I could just live.

It sounds so simple and obvious and yet, for those of us whose livelihood relies on social media, it’s easy to forget that we can just step away from it all when we need to—or want to.

Freed from the stress of content creation, I’ve been able to spend my “free” time editing and organising our personal photos. I’ve been able to start journaling again. I’ve been able to photograph and document our everyday life as it is, without feeling the need to “art direct” certain shots or to suggest that we go out and do something for the sake of blogging about it later. And, to my personal delight, I’ve even been able to learn and develop a new craft.

Ten months ago, making space for life seemed like the wisest thing I could do for our family.

Ten months on, making space for life was the most fruitful thing I could’ve done for my own work and creativity.

Rhonda Mason2 Comments