The journey matters

As some of you know, I am a big believer in documenting life.

From the big stories to little stories, from stories of heartache to stories that recount the most ordinary of moments, I believe in preserving them all. 

Every story matters, because the journey matters.

But finding the time to write is hard, and what’s even harder is knowing what to write when you actually sit down to do it.

A year of journaling prompts

Previously available on our Life:Captured website, I have decided to share #ayearofjournaling prompts here because I know there were many people who found them helpful.

Each prompt has been thoughtfully crafted to help you preserve your story: The story of your everyday life. The stories buried deep inside your heart. Stories about those who have touched your life. Stories that you may not otherwise think about.

Download the prompts, print them out, and pin them to your inspiration board or keep them in your journal. Use them to help you write your heart out. To capture and preserve what’s true and important to you. 

What’s more, the journaling prompts can double as photography prompts. While we all know that images can bring forth words, I also believe the opposite to be true—words can inspire images.

Download the prompts

01 / January journaling prompts
02 / February journaling prompts
03 / March journaling prompts
04 / April journaling prompts
05 / May journaling prompts
06 / June journaling prompts
07 / July journaling prompts
08 / August journaling prompts
09 / September journaling prompts
10 / October journaling prompts
11 / November journaling prompts
12 / December journaling prompts

New prompts for summer

Over summer, I may decide to release some new prompts to give you new ideas for your journaling. If you wish to be notified, all you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter.