Life Without Cameron

Life Without Cameron



Life Without Cameron is a memoir of love and loss. My manuscript for this book received a Certificate of Commendation in the 2009 Young Australian Christian Writer of the Year Awards. If you know someone who has lost a child through stillbirth or miscarriage, this book will help you to understand how you can better care for and love your friend or family member. Yes, you can make a difference by endeavouring to understand their pain and sorrow.

An excerpt from the preface

"This is a chronicle of our journey as we began our life without our precious firstborn son, Cameron, who died in utero at full term. This is what grief looks like. It is real, and it is tangible. This is what a mother suffers when she loses her child, her baby. Christians are not immune to suffering. It is possible to trust God and grieve.

Every mother’s journey is different. I am not claiming that my experience is every mother’s experience. I can only tell my story, and my story only.

But perhaps there is something universal to every mother’s suffering when she loses a child. The overwhelming shock, the utter devastation, the immense pain, the bottomless grief, the terrible emptiness, and the inevitable sense of isolation and loneliness from the world—I can only imagine that these must be present in every mother’s journey. 

Perhaps our story will be closer to home for those mothers who have lost children in their infancy—when life is cut suddenly and tragically short. When hopes and expectations are dashed and shattered even before they have fully formed. When a childhood is lost forever. I think especially of other mothers whose children died in utero, like Cameron. Mothers who, like me, never got to see their child open his or her eyes, never got to see their child’s first smile or hear their first cry. Mothers who had to give birth, knowing that their child had ceased to live. . . .

It is my hope and prayer that by sharing our story, others might better understand the depth and width of our sadness, our pain, and our mourning. Before losing Cameron, I could not possibly have known or understood what it is like for couples to suffer a tragedy like this. Now that I have been inside the valley, I want to shed light on this journey so that others might also understand—if not entirely, at least partially. 

I hope this will help us all better care for and love those who have lost children. Because before we can help, we need to at least try and understand their pain."

Book details

– Measures 129mm x 198mm
– 244 pages (excluding the cover)
– Soft cover with a matt laminate finish
– Printed on Envirocare 100% Recycled stock
– Printed and bound in Melbourne
– Packaged and wrapped by hand

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